Strolling Around the Chicago River

Walking Chicago’s Arterial Waterway

Nature and urban environment explored

Tour Description

A two hour walk along the greatest asset in Chicago
Chicago’s river. A natural wonder that became a cesspool of disease, only to be resurrected via one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th century. It made Chicago the greatest port city of that century, as well. Its bridges are world-famous.
In the 21st century, it has been transformed into a place to enjoy nature, right in the heart of the city. You will capture views on this tour that will WOW friends and family alike!

Pricing and Reservations

  • Per Person $45

Wednesdays and Saturdays

  • Starting at 11 AM

  • 2 Hours
  • In front of Anita Dee Yacht Charters:
    • 200 N. Breakwater Access.
  • This is easily accessed by Uber or Lyft.

  • Guiding service

  • Food & Drink
  • Gratuity

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