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Wild Onion Walks

"I have struck a city-a real city- and they call it Chicago."

Why do I do what I do? Do you ever ask yourself that question?
Wild Onion Walks was birthed out of my passion for the great city of Chicago. But passion means NOTHING, if it is not shared. I do what I do to teach young and old alike about what makes up this city, and why it matters. History tells us where we’ve come from and gives us a guide to where we are going.
I am Chicago born and bred. Raised on the city’s North side, in the Edgewater neighborhood, deeply influenced by my Swedish grandparents. I have had a lifelong passion for all things Chicago. In 2004, that passion turned into a job working for the major trolley tour company in Chicago. I began freelancing in 2012, and officially launched Wild Onion Walks in 2013. I am married to an amazing wife, and have two wonderful children.
I am available for private and group tours, step-on guide, as well as airport and event greeter and guide. If you are looking for someone to simplify your visit to Chicago…I’m your guide! Contact me with your details and I’ll let you know how I can be of assistance.

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