Frequently Asked Questions

Wild Onion Walks

"Chicago's neighborhoods have always been the city's greatest strength."

YES! As I cap all my tours at 10 people, I need an accurate count. This also allows me to know if we are missing anyone.

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number 773-960-5470, so call me maybe. Actually call me definitely!

We can usually wait 3-5 minutes, but after that, we’re gone!

EVERYBODY! As long as you can walk, you should be taking my tours! You’re a local? even better. Come and be WOW’d like never before! Got kids? Great! I love kids, having two myself. However, for the very young and the older guest, please bear in mind the time and the distance covered. You have been warned!

You bet! So make sure you check the weather and come prepared. In the event of extreme conditions–WAY too hot, WAY too cold, lightning bolts, tornado sirens–there may be exceptions. If this happens, I will do my best to give as much notice as possible, and either rebook or issue a full refund.

A 24 hour notice gets you a full refund. Les than 24 hours gets you nothing. Sorry.

Don’t worry, we always make time for the “pause that refreshes”!

That’s fine, but show some consideration and do so AWAY from the group. We will not wait for you either.

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